Your tour takes you on a journey of one of the most diverse, culturally active but also historic cities of the country – Newcastle upon Tyne (and Gateshead!)

During your trip you will gain insight into the rich history of this city beginning with Pons Aelius, the Roman name given to this settlement in AD122. You will be taken through the ages and discover the true meaning of the name of today’s great city.

Explore the grand classical streets of Grainger Town, around Grey’s Quarter, Central Arcade and Grainger Market, one of the largest indoor markets in the country. Explore the stadium quarter and experience the importance of sport in this cosmopolitan atmosphere.

The Quayside is one of the highlights of your tour – discover the seven bridges linking Newcastle and Gateshead and visit Sage Gateshead, the Gateshead Quays and Baltic Arts Centre. Take a stroll over the modern Millennium Bridge – the world’s first tilting bridge.

Your tour will unveil the great past, take you on a journey of innovation and invention and give you a great insight into what the future holds for Newcastle and Gateshead.