Step back in time and explore Roman history at its best. Discover Hadrian’s Wall and the breathtaking forts on this fabulous journey along the Final (Roman) Frontier.

Enjoy a panoramic tour along the Tyne Valley and visit the delightful village of Corbridge (or Coria as it was known in Roman times). Here you can explore beautiful cafes and delicatessen shops before discovering the bloody history of the Border Reivers!

Following the line of Hadrian’s Wall you will find out about the story behind the Roman legacy and witness some key sights before reaching Vindolanda Roman Fort. Here you have the chance to investigate ‘Britain’s Best Treasures’, discover fantastic Roman artefacts brought to life and also witness live archaeological excavations on-site.

Enjoy an entertaining panoramic tour of Hadrian’s Wall before reaching Hexham for a visit to the great abbey and a well-deserved afternoon tea.