Enjoy an entertaining panorama tour through the beautiful Northumberland National Park to Rothbury and Alnwick.

Set in wonderful countryside, enter the innovative splendour of Victorian Cragside – home to Geordie genius and famed industrialist Lord Armstrong (inventor of the hydraulic crane and father of one of the largest companies to exist in the UK). Explore the worldwide first house to be lit by hydroelectricity and marvel at one of the most modern buildings of the time – now in the caring hands of the National Trust.

The property comes fully equipped with Turkish baths, 10 ton marble fireplace and a fully working kitchen. The estate also features one of the most enchanting gardens in the region.

Later, step back in time to visit the home of the Percy family, Duke of Northumberland, at Alnwick. Discover the contemporary Alnwick Garden with its famous water features, treehouse and Poison Garden. One of the highlights here is the large Rose Garden. Continue your day to the magnificent Alnwick Castle, largest inhabited castle outside Windsor and home to one famous magician as well as the stunning set for Downton Abbey in 2014 (of course also home to the Duke of Northumberland).