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Hadrian’s Wall | Northern Secrets Guided Tours

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian’s Wall is not just a wall – nor is it just a border! A World Heritage Site since 1987, Hadrian’s Wall is an astounding feat of engineering. It’s the best known and the best preserved frontier of the Roman Empire.

There is so much to this border area – small villages & towns, borders before Hadrian, supply & frontier forts, hives of activity in Roman times, later settlements, beautiful landscapes, views… Visitors today can still patrol Hadrian’s Wall, which remains standing in many areas – sometimes a little hidden – but that is where we come in.

Whatever it is you are looking for among the Roman frontier, a guided tour with Northern Secrets will help you discover it. Housesteads is one of the Wall’s best-preserved forts with the foundations of a hospital, barracks and flushable loos still visible. At Heddon-on-the-Wall meanwhile, a great section is found – only minutes from the city centre of Newcastle. Vindolanda (not exactly on Hadrian’s Wall) offers not only a magnificent fort but also one of the best museums and – even better – archaeologists at work digging to unearth more of the past for the present and future.

Did you know …Hadrian’s Wall was built by the soldiers based in the Britain? …to make it more intimidating it was whitewashed? …England’s Best Treasure, voted for by the British Museum, is found on Hadrian’s Wall and can still be discovered today?

Whether you are wishing to walk Hadrian’s Wall in full, find some of the best sections to hike or are looking for a day-visit to some of the best sites, museums and views, a tour with Northern Secrets will be completely tailored to your interests and wishes.